Editorial Reviews

“…Orphans, Assassins and the Existential Eggplant is a frolicking adventure that lightly addresses topics such as the meaning of love, friendship, morality, and Paradise. It presents a world both
fantastical and real for the reader and would be a great read for anyone who enjoys humor, fantasy, and a touch of existential philosophy.” — 5 STARS The Portland Book Review

“This story is magnificently entertaining. There are very few books written that have the imagination and creativity worthy of expensive on-screen production. This book is one of them. I would pay to watch these characters come to life in theaters – but not just any production. This book is only fitting for a large-scale production comparable to The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit or The Narnia Chronicles.” —CJ Leger Book Reviews

“Quests for immortality and true love intertwine in the debut novel from poet Gillett…the author’s clear empathy for his leads and particularly the tiny eggplant…evolves from a wisecracking goof to a character full of hopes, fears, and touching compassion for Aaron. Such three-dimensional players help anchor a story (and myriad subplots) that the author keeps moving at a fast, assured clip.” Kirkus Reviews

A Novel by J.T. Gillett